Undergraduate Courses (26/03/2010)
 - UNIVERSITY OF WEST ATTICA - Department of Civil Engineering (University Campus 1) 
Undergraduate Courses
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Student Admission
Entry Requirements

Each year 100 students enter the Department through Pan Hellenic examinations taking place at the second and third grade of Greek Intitutes of Secondary Education (General/Technical High school or Lyceum).

When a student registers, he/she is given a registration number that remains the same until his graduation. Every student is obliged to renew his/her registration every semester, within the time limit provided by the T.E.I. He/she has to fill in an application form, choosing the subjects he/she wishes to attend according to the program. If a student does not renew his/her registration for two (2) or three (3) continuous semesters, he will be erased from the files of the Department.

Necessary Documents

The students who enters the TEI-A, or a legal representative of his/hers, has to submit to the secretariat the following documents:

  1. Application form (provided by the Department).
  2. Graduation Diploma or Certificate or authorized copies from his high school that he has graduated.
  3. A simple written declaration (provided by the Department) which certifies that he is not a student in another higher education Institution.
  4. Eight (8) small photos.
  5. Birth Certificate or an identity card photocopy (authorized).
  6. A high school graduate indentity card (for the general high school graduates).
  7. A health certificate awarded to the student by the TEI-A clinic on the examination of a chest X-ray from a public hospital or the Chest X-ray Institution (Averof 12 str., Athens).

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