Undergraduate Courses (26/03/2010)
 - UNIVERSITY OF WEST ATTICA - Department of Civil Engineering (University Campus 1) 
Undergraduate Courses
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Thesis - Stage
Thesis - Training
Graduation Thesis
Every student has the obligation to write and submit a dissertation thesis on a subject relevant to the problems that arise in the area of his professional activity. He should start writing this thesis during the sixth semester of his studies and the writing period can be prolonged, depending on the demands of the subject.

Practical Training (Placement)
Six (6) months of practical training take place after the completion of the course, in a paid placement. The placement of the student is decided by the Council of the Department. The decision is based on recommendation of the Practical Training Committee. The students are placed in legislated posts of the public domain or private companies or industries. The Practical Training Committee supervises the correct training of the students in their placements.


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