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Undergraduate Courses
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Undergraduate Courses
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1st Semester
CSE110.†Advanced Mathematics …†(ects: 5)
CSE120.†Physics(ects: 5)
CSE130.†Informatics & Computer Programming(ects: 5)
CSE140. Basic Principles of Geodesy & Land Surveying(ects: 5)
†CE150.†Civil Engineering Materials(ects: 4)
†CE160. Structural Analysis I (Determinate Structures)(ects: 6)
2nd Semester
CSE210.†Advanced Mathematics …I(ects: 6)
†CE220.†Hydraulics I(ects: 6)
†CE230.†Civil Engineering Drawings & CAD(ects: 5)
†CE240.†Engineering Geology(ects: 6)
†CE250.†Engineering Mechanics I†(Strength of Materials)(ects: 7)
3rd Semester
†CE310. Surveying & Construction Staking(ects: 4)
†CE320.†Hydraulics II(ects: 7)
†CE330.†Engineering Mechanics II†(Mechanics of Deformable Bodies)(ects: 6)
†CE340. Engineering Mechanics III (Rigid Body Dynamics)(ects: 6)
†CE350.†Soil Mechanics(ects: 7)
4th Semester
CSE430.†Road Design I (Geometric Design)(ects: 5)
†CE440. Strustural Analysis II (Indeterminate Structures)(ects: 7)
†CE450.†Reinforced Concrete(ects: 6)
†CE460.†Building Design & Technology(ects: 4)
5th Semester
†CE510.†Reinforced Concrete Structures(ects: 6)
†CE520.†Steel Structures I(ects: 5)
†CE530.†Earthquake Engineering(ects: 7)
†CE540.†Foundation Engineering(ects: 7)
†- Specialization in Structural Engineering
CSE551.†Urban Planning(ects: 5)
†- Specialization in Infrastructure Engineering
CSE552.†Road Design†II†(Computer Aided Design & Junctions)(ects: 5)

6th Semester
†CE610.†Construction Project & Site Management(ects: 4)
†- Specialization in Structural Engineering
CE621. Structural Analysis III (Matrix Analysis & Structural Dynamics)(ects: 7)
CE631.†Steel Structures II† ††(ects: 5)
CE641.†Bridge Engineering† ††(ects: 5)
CE651.†Geotechnical Engineering(ects: 5)
†- Specialization in Infrastructure Engineering
CE622.†Road & Airport Pavements(ects: 4)
CE632.†Public Transportation Infrastructures(ects: 5)
CSE642.†Transport Systems Planning(ects: 5)
CE662.†Coastal Engineering(ects: 3)
CE672.†Road Construction Works(ects: 6)
7th Semester
†CE720.†Port Works(ects: 5)
†- Specialization in Structural Engineering
CE731. Prestressed Concrete - Composite Structures†(ects: 5)
CE741. Structural Design(ects: 5)
CE771.†Rock Mechanics & Tunneling(ects: 4)
†- Specialization in Infrastructure Engineering
CE752.†Urban Hydraulics Works(ects: 7)
CE762.†Water Resources Management - Dams(ects: 4)

8th Semester

Practical Training (Internship)(ects: 10)
Six (6) months of practical training take place after the completion of the course, in a paid placement. The placement of the student is decided by the Council of the Department. The decision is based on recommendation of the Practical Training Committee. The students are placed in legislated posts of the public domain or private companies or industries. The Practical Training Committee supervises the correct training of the students in their placements.
Thesis(ects: 20)
Every student has the obligation to write and submit a dissertation thesis on a subject relevant to the problems that arise in the area of his professional activity. He should start writing this thesis during the sixth semester of his studies and the writing period can be prolonged, depending on the demands of the subject.

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